We believe that no child shall be denied hope, love, or a fair chance in life.

We empower young people to rise above adversity through academic support, social-emotional skill building, and personal and practical connections that help guide them through critical junctures to become resilient, positive contributors to their communities.


Domus is the Latin noun for home, which is where our roots are.

We opened our doors in 1972 as a group home for homeless boys and stay in touch with many of them. We also keep home and all its positive connotations in mind as we create loving relationships and warm, loving places to heal from trauma.

Today, we serve more than 1,700 of our community's most struggling youth. Young people come to us with many challenges; most are living in abject poverty, have had involvement in the criminal justice system, and have experienced homelessness, neglect, abuse, academic failure, and chronic untreated healthcare issues. 

Our overarching goal is to create the conditions necessary for them to get on a path toward health and opportunity so they can succeed in school and ultimately lead satisfying and productive lives. 

I was on the road to death and destruction when I met Mr. Woods. Mr. Woods was the person who has had the greatest impact on my life. From the beginning he took me under his wing and treated me like a son. He gave me advice and supported my decisions, whether right or wrong, but let me know the consequences. His belief in me empowered me to strive to do better. In doing so, over the years I have developed a better character, drive, and respect to become a better person and have a successful life.
— A young man in Project Hope (our street outreach program)

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