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Spring Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers are important members of the Domus family. We couldn’t meet our goals without the many good people who offer their time, talent, and treasure in service to Domus. there are a wide-range of volunteer opportunities for you or your group, and are happy to work with you to find the right fit.

For more info on any opportunity, email Julia!

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Nestle Waters made healthy snacks for our Chester Addison kids to eat and take home.

Nestle Waters made healthy snacks for our Chester Addison kids to eat and take home.


Date Time Event
August 4-6pm volunteers are needed to paint Trailblazers art room.
Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:30-5:00p Work and Learn is seeking volunteers to teach their own recipes and other culinary skills at our Lockwood facility to young men and women ages 16 to 20.
Flexible Flexible Calling All Cooks! Whip up a homemade sweet or savory appetizer to turn an event into a celebration! Julia contacts you via email when Domus needs help. If you’re able to make a treat for the specific event, let her know and arrangements are made to drop it off the day before or day of the activity.
March-November every year Flexible Beautification, Clean up, Fix up: Put your team of 5 to 100 to work cleaning, painting, planting, organizing, and more. The activity can be customized to fit your needs. We ask our volunteer groups to underwrite the expense of the activity.
Occasionally Flexible Job Readiness: Help our high school students practice job-seeking skills in our Work & Learn program or in your professional space; review their sample applications, cover letters, and resumes, provide feedback, or be a mock interviewer. Temporarily filled.
Any Monday through Thursday Flexible Do you work in the health care, construction or a non-degree trade such as an electrician, plumber, ultrasound tech, mechanic, seamstress, landscaper, dental hygienist, or stonemason? Please come to our youth employment training program and share your story: How you got into the business and what you need to be successful.

Left: Youth from First Presbyterian Church of New Canaan Middle making treats for Domus House. Middle and Right: Our friends at Focal Point standing proudly with Stamford Academy at their photographic exhibit. The buffet turned the presentation into a celebration!



Specialty Frequency Hours Details
Math Tutors for Middle School Kids Weekly October - May 4-5:30pm Lion's Den, Trailblazers Academy Middle School's after school program, is seeking tutors for kids who struggle in elementary math. Volunteering one day a week is welcome. On hold until fall of 2019.
Math Tutors for High School Kids Weekly October - May Flexible Individual students at Stamford Academy and Stamford High are in need of extra math help. If you use math in your everyday work and can volunteer for an hour between 10am-2pm, you qualify! :)
Tutoring High School Kids Weekly October - May Flexible Work with Stamford Academy's Special Ed teacher to provide literacy based tutoring to smart kids who need extra support.
Teach art to a middle school class Weekly Midday Weekdays Support Trailblazers Academy middle school’s volunteer art teacher one day a week. If you are artistic and enjoy sharing your talents with a group of about 10 students, this is the opportunity for you.
Book Lovers Delight Flexible Flexible Two opportunities to help: Our Book Lady needs help for a couple of hours on Wednesday mornings. We'd also like to have a book cart in front of Stamford Academy on North Street for our students and the surrounding community. Tasks include: sourcing books and creating a display that invites people to peruse the shelves. Best done as a team. Time of day and day of week are flexible. Check out our amazing book carts in front of Trailblazers Academy here.
HR Data Entry Any Weekday Flexible The Director of Quality Assurance is looking for a volunteer to help organize his training room and papers. Flexible schedule. Temporarily filled.
Administrative Help October - May 8:30- 12pm Our own Ms. Denise Donald, Trailblazers incomparable jack-of-all-trades, is seeking help one or two mornings a week. Best fit is someone enjoying retirement. Tasks include: typing, organizing, data entry, and updating bulletin boards.
Classroom Help Once a week Mornings Help a classroom teacher at Trailblazers Academy. Activities may include working one-on-one or with a small group of students, reading with one student, and problem solving. Subject matter expertise not necessary. You will be placed in a classroom that makes sense for you and the teacher.
Mindfulness Meditation October - May  Afternoons Facilitate a mindful experience with elementary aged kids at Chester Addison. Training provided.
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Top left: Lori Stapleton, aka the Book Lady, sharing her treasures with CLC. Top Right: St. Thomas More’s Youth Group generously contributing to Domus, Bottom Left: Gravel day in Kelli’s Garden. Bottom Right: Happy youth volunteers at the NINER


Date Time Event Number of Vols Needed
Sunday September 22, 2019 8:00a-11:30a The Domus NINER is an annual challenging CrossFit athletic competition and fundraiser that is as much fun for volunteers as it is for athletes. Check out flyer HERE 130
Friday November 8, 2019 9:00a-12:00p Stamford Academy Career Conversation: We are seeking volunteers with a nontraditional career path. Ask our kids about their lives and use your experiences to talk about strategies for how to set a goal and achieve it. Check out the flyer HERE! 45
Saturday December 21, 2019 9:00a-6:00p 2:15 minute shifts Domus Holiday Mall: The Mall is a special day for parents of Domus kids to “shop” in a loving, safe environment without feeling like they are being given a handout. And because every youth is known to the staff, the gifts match the desire. It’s a remarkable day and experience. Click HERE for the more info on this event! 300
November and December Flexible Everyday Food Market: When you struggle to make ends meet, the holidays can be a stressful time. Help our families manage their budget by donating everyday food items. Click HERE for the food list. Email Julia to discuss drop-off. n/a
November and December Flexible Spreading Holiday Cheer: There are other ways volunteers can help during the holiday season: make decorations, whip up homemade sweet or savory treats, create over-sized thank you cards, adopt an Angel Family, help decorate for the Holiday Mall, collect large Ikea-type bags for families to carry presents, or host a toy or everyday food drive. n/a
June 7:30am-12:30pm Graduation Excercises: Can you spare a few hours? You know Domus—we celebrate our kids EVERY success and there aren’t quite enough parents able to get out of work to decorate the gym and organize the food for Trailblazers 8th grade graduation party, and cleanup. 10-15


Domus works with all types and sizes of groups from 4 to 200. We offer a menu of activities aligned to your needs, mission, and resources. Projects can be identified and coordinated within as little as two weeks. Spring and fall are great times to get your group out of the office and engaging in team-building while you help the kids of Domus. Research shows robust workplace community engagement builds loyalty to one’s employer and makes for happier employees–a win-win for all!


GE-ipad-program mentor.jpg

Mentoring is the highest calling for a Domus volunteer. A successful match has been shown to improve a mentee’s grades, attendance, and relationships with peers, other adults and family members. It is often one of the most meaningful relationships in a mentor’s life as well. At Domus we approach our young people’s needs holistically, focusing on their social and emotional issues as well as academics. Using the Governor’s Prevention Partnership Best Practices Model, the Domus Mentoring Program is able to take advantage of Domus family and education advocates. Because of their intimate knowledge of the mentee’s circumstances, they act as the liaison for the mentor, mentee, and parent; guide goal setting; and are available to address concerns or challenges throughout the relationship. Domus mentors support children in elementary and middle school. Check out the flyer HERE.

– One hour a week (four hours a month) for one school year
– A background check
– 5-hour training. In addition, ongoing training and networking opportunities are offered.



For more information or to volunteer, email Julia Wade or call her at (203) 249-4110.