Administrative Assistant at Stamford Academy


Stamford Academy is a charter high school serving students in grades 9-12 who haven’t had success at a typical high school.   Stamford Academy is looking for a full-time Administrative Assistant to handle all administrative tasks of the school while maintaining a welcoming environment to all students, families and visitors who enter the building. 

REPORTS TO: School Director, Andrea Weller


  • Effectively organizes time, space, materials, equipment, etc.

  • Maintains student and school confidentiality at all times in accordance with state law and school policy.

  • Maintains professional student/staff boundaries at all times.

  • Promotes a positive social and learning environment for each student.

  • Meets assigned responsibilities including timelines, administrative meetings, individual, personal supervision, training, etc. 

  • Understands and applies child development principles regarding educational stages of development.

  • Takes and transcribes dictation of various types, including reports, correspondence, observation and evaluation reports, letters, memos, newsletters, and other documents.

  • Manages arrangements for meetings, conferences, interviews and other activities for the leadership team.

  • Assists in planning of school wide events

  • Prepares evaluations, memos, newsletters, presentations and other documents under the direction of the School Director.

  • Coordinates the assignments and the work of substitute teachers.

  • Performs office routines and practices such as sorting mail, operating the copy machine, serving as telephone receptionist and others.

  • Prepares processes and maintains oversight of purchase orders.

  • Assists School Director with budgetary duties and petty cash.

  • Organizes and submits financial documents to the CMO on behalf of the school.

  • Maintains an appropriate filing system and readily retrieves documents through the use of this system.

  • Manages records and correspondence, improves systems when necessary; responds to requests for information.

  • Acts as an information resource for other school personnel in the building; communicates assigned duties to other school personnel as required.

  • Has the ability to organize and prioritize multiple assignments.

  • Is extremely organized, process driven, and detail oriented.

  • Must know and apply DCF “Mandated Reporter” protocols

  • Performs any other duties assigned by administrative personnel

  • The preceding is only to serve as a general guide as to the nature and duties of the position.


  • ·        We are looking to fill this position immediately.

  • ·        To apply, send a resume and brief letter of interest to Andrea Weller at   Please fully read this job posting, and address the following:

1.      Briefly address why you think you are a good fit for this position.

2.      Briefly address your ability to multitask and work in a challenging, fast-paced environment.

3.      Please tell us (briefly) how your personal values and beliefs do or do not align with the core program beliefs

  • ·        Finalists will be invited to a second-round interview.

  • ·         We would like to have the position filled by early June.

Stamford Academy is an equal opportunity employer. Spanish speaking people and people of color, are strongly encouraged to apply. 


  • Associate degree or bachelor’s degree preferred

  • One to two years of office experience with a wide variety of responsibilities.

  • Successful results of criminal and employment background check.

  • Comfortable working in learning environment as part of a team.

  • Demonstrated proficiency with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Student Information System (SIS) and email communications.

  • Commitment to Stamford Academy’s missions and values.

  • Must be or become First Aid/ CPR certified

  • Must be able to work under stress

  • Must be or become certified in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention


Salary/ Benefits

  • ·        This is a full-time, twelve month, 40 hours a week, non-exempt position which is paid on an hourly basis. (The rate of pay ranges from $15-$17 per hour commensurate with experience).

  • ·        Benefits Included


  •       We believe that within each of us is a desire to move towards health and achievement, under the right conditions.  It is our job to provide young people with those conditions.

  •      We believe that every young person wants to love and be loved.  It is our job to love these young people, and to help them learn to love themselves and others.

  •       We believe in the power of belonging.  It is a core human condition to want to be missed when we are gone.  We will miss young people when they are absent and we will express that: “We didn’t see you yesterday. We missed you.  We are glad you are back”. We will make sure every young person belongs in our community.  No matter what.  “She drew a circle to shut me out. Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout. But love and I had the wit to win. We drew a circle that took her in”(Edwin Markham)

  •        We accept young people for who they are.  Right here. Right now.  They do not have to change to be respected and loved and valued and be a member of our community. Behavior is not a condition of their worth as human beings.

  •    We believe that every young person wants to be in charge of their own life.  To that end, we will give young people a voice in this program, and choices of how to best accomplish their goals.

  •      We are hungry to understand if our interventions are having the intended impact.  We will be meticulous in our data entry, and ruthless in our hunt to understand the data and learn from it. If what we are doing is not working, we will set aside our egos, intentions and preconceived notions and we will change what we are doing.

  •        We believe that the young people with whom we work deserve our full attention and our best selves.  Therefore, we will:  NOT allow our personal beliefs or baggage to interfere with our work; we will commit to doing excellent work all the time on behalf of our young people; we will be honest and transparent with ourselves, our colleagues and our partners. To be very clear, by working in this program we are committing to:

o   Working out our personal issues outside of work;

o   Using supervision as a tool for professional growth

o   Refraining from gossiping at all costs—bringing all issues directly back to the person OR to the group session;

o   Learning our craft before practicing on our youth;

o   Giving and receiving honest feedback, even if it is uncomfortable to hear or say

o   Using data to inform our actions and interventions

·        As a trauma responsive, Sanctuary certified organization we understand hurt people hurt people.  We help young people, community partners and each other heal from this trauma and we strive to move our community from “hurt people hurt people” to “helped people help people”.