Community Center Educational Advocate

Chester Addison Community Center

Job Overview and Requirements

Are you ready to be a catalyst for making great things happen within an organization that leads on youth, parent, and schools engagement?   Do you want to help develop a forward-leaning program and activities that ensure opportunities that engage youth and their parents in academic, social and emotional growth? Do you want to be challenged, have fun, work hard, and incorporate student, parent, and community feedback into our progressive model?  Domus- Chester Addison is looking for an Educational Advocate to join our team of committed professionals.

Our story: The Chester Addison Community Center is adjacent to the revitalized Southwood Square Development, and is a thriving hub of activity in Stamford’s Waterside neighborhood.   Our community center activities serve approximately 300 youth per week. Our core program “The Study Zone” is a state-licensed afterschool program serving 165.  Our goal is to provide a safe place that engages and supports the academic, social, and emotional growth of students K to 8th grade.  We provide homework time, literacy and STEM opportunities as well as pro-social activities that expose our youth to experiential learning settings. We believe that our work makes positive contributions to encourage and ensure student potential to thrive in schools and in their community.  As an Educational Advocate you will:

  • Engage youth in one-on-one, positive, life changing relationships and become a trusted, go-to resource
  • Utilize teachable moments during youth’s day-to day challenging interactions to teach/model interpersonal communication skills (using Cornell University’s Life Space Interview format)
  • Address youth’s past and current traumas and stressors as they relate to underlying drivers of current behavioral challenges (e.g., meet basic needs, address trauma, address medical/mental health needs, support in crisis)
  • Provide therapy on the hoof
  • Follow-up on any behavioral issues at home or in the community
  • Conduct check in meetings
  • Conduct community meetings

REPORTS TO: Director, Michael Hyman

SUPERVISES: No one however as a member of professional staff the educational advocate provides direction to junior youth counselors.


Relentless Relationship Building with youth

  • Use yearly parent/family intake session to establish family baseline allowing the initial assessment of need
  • Development of group and individual plans that meet social, emotional and academic standards for positive growth
  • Utilize teachable moments to teach/model interpersonal communication skills with youth and parents
  • Provide therapy on the hoof and referrals to therapeutic professionals
  • Address youth’s past and current traumas and stressors as they relate to the underlying drivers of current behavioral challenges
  • Utilize Domus’ core principles to build relationships, most importantly never giving up and giving many chances
  • Document daily face to face interactions with youth, as well as any behavioral and attendance challenges the youth may have

Skills Building with Youth

  • In some instances you will assist with the development and implementation of grade-appropriate Skill building lessons for use by groups of youth.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with outside community supports and connections as appropriate for young people
  • Recommend youth for, and oversee the placement of mentors
  • Document on a weekly and monthly basis all skills building opportunities

Collaborating with school staff

  • Regular and periodic meetings/ conferences with all schools
  • Provide supportive intervention in the classroom establishing strong, teacher-parent- advocate relationships
  • As appropriate, attend student meetings including PPT meetings, staff meetings, etc.
  • Document any interactions with school staff in support of program youth.


  • We will review applications on a rolling basis until the position is filled.
  • To apply, please send a brief letter of interest to Michael Hyman ( Please fully read this job description.
    1. Please tell us (briefly) how your personal values and beliefs do or do not align with the core program beliefs
  • PLEASE: if you have any questions or concerns, or are interested in having a conversation about whether or not this job is a fit for you before you apply, reach out to me @ 203.219.8977

Domus is an equal opportunity employer. People of color, especially those from Stamford, are strongly encouraged to apply.

Essential Requirements

  • A great sense of humor!
  • A strong work ethic
  • Able to work some evenings, and weekends for celebratory events, parent, school or community outreach meetings.
  • Commitment to our mission, values and core program beliefs
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Experience working within systems, with a nuanced understanding of how to build working relationships with diverse parents, school professionals, and
  • Flexibility and adaptability. Ability to shift styles to fit the needs of a wide range of cultures, people, and organizations
  • High emotional intelligence, able to easily develop deep, trusting relationships with diverse individuals from many different backgrounds
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Love of young people


  • Salary range of based on experience
  • Full-time, exempt position, working 40.0 hours per week. We believe in work-life balance.

Core Program Beliefs

  • We believe that within each of us is a desire to move towards health and achievement, under the right conditions. It is our job to provide young people with those conditions.
  • We believe that every young person wants to love and be loved. It is our job to love these young people, and to help them learn to love themselves and others.
  • We believe in the power of belonging. It is a core human condition to want to be missed when we are gone.  We will miss young people when they are absent and we will express that: “We didn’t see you yesterday. We missed you.  We are glad you are back”. We will make sure every young person belongs in our community.
  • We accept young people for who they are. Right here. Right now.  They do not have to change to be respected and loved and valued and be a member of our community. Behavior is not a condition of their worth as human beings.
  • We believe that every young person wants to be in charge of their own life. We are hungry to understand if our interventions are having the intended impact.  We will be meticulous in our data entry, and ruthless in our hunt to understand the data and learn from it. If what we are doing is not working, we will set aside our egos, intentions and preconceived notions and we will change what we are doing.
  • We believe that the young people with whom we work deserve our full attention and our best selves. Therefore, we will:  NOT allow our personal beliefs or baggage to interfere with our work; we will commit to doing excellent work all the time on behalf of our young people; we will be honest and transparent with ourselves, our colleagues and our partners. To be very clear, by working in this program we are committing to:
    • Learning our craft before practicing on our youth;
    • Giving and receiving honest feedback, even if it is uncomfortable to hear or say