Our innovative approaches and successes change young people’s lives.

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100% of youth

Who Came before our Juvenile review board remained arrest free.

Our court diversion program helps first time offenders remain arrest free during the three-month program and for at least six months afterwards. 

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96% Average Attendance

AT Trailblazers Academy Middle School

Chronic absenteeism was 2%, virtually eradicating chronic absenteeism at the school.


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12 and 17 point Increase in SAT Scores


In a year when the state average dropped 8 points in the SAT language arts and 4 points in math, Stamford Academy saw 12 point increase in language arts and 17 point increase in the math SAT.

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100% of youth in Work ANd Learn Improved Skills in their Chosen Business

From pre to post assessment after completing the 12-week program.

You guys helped me with everything: job skills, my resume, talking about my future, and even feeding me when I was hungry.
— Work & Learn participant
My two best friends and I have been coming to Chester Addison since kindergarten—and now we work here while we’re in college. Now we are the role models showing these kids the importance of education.
— Chester Addison youth leader
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71% Domus Knights Students were promoted to 10th Grade or within one credit of being promoted.

As part of the CT Opportunity Project, Domus Knights serves students at Stamford High School, all of whom were disengaged from school.

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domus success stories

“They’re good at helping us if we are upset and down, and they help me calm down”
— Trailblazers Academy student

Want to learn more about how we track our impact?

We have refined our program models to rigorously align the dosage of core program components with expected outcomes. This drives the key indicators we measure for each program. Programmatic data including the full context for the 2017-18 results is available by program. Contact info@domuskids.org for specific program results.